Nice words & testimonials

Lovely things you’ve told me about the No More Shoulds training…

This was a fantastic introduction to mindfulness and meditation techniques. I really felt that Amy established a safe environment for each member of the course to explore their own journey and I very much appreciated this personal approach. Since taking part in this course I have felt calmer in stressful situations and realised the importance of finding that ‘pause’ button to gain space and distance from reactive thoughts. I’ve been recommending it to lots of friends!

Alice, Witney.

Amy is a wonderful teacher, who very quickly puts you at your ease and makes you feel relaxed and safe in your surroundings. Having never done any mindfulness before I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I found Amy’s course extremely helpful and often very powerful. I have learnt a lot about myself during the course, as well as the need to be kinder to myself as a mum – something which I will forever be grateful for. Thank you so much!  

         Chrissie, Abingdon.

I found it brilliant. Really helpful to keep calm, not worry about things and accept any worries that are there. To respond to things differently rather than react. You are a very kind and patient teacher.

         Sarah, Abingdon.

Amy is an excellent teacher and guide. The course helped me take control when I’m being overwhelmed by my feelings and to take the story out of situations. I now feel calmer and more patient with my daughter and in everyday life.

          Lucy, Oxford.

Many thanks to Amy who could not have been more amenable, supportive and organised.

A lovely participant from Standlake.

[I loved] Being part of the group when we’re together and still feeling part of the group and support through whatsapp was a great idea and a way of sharing experiences.

An equally lovely participant from Carterton.