One to One

Yoga & Mindfulness

Grow yourself again with a personalised programme on your terms.

 A personalised 1-to-1 yoga & mindfulness programme in your own choice of space, to support your recovery from anxiety, stress or trauma. Together, we will safely explore tools to grow yourself again from the ground up, re-building self-confidence, self-trust and self-worth. 

Many of those I work with come to me seeking some form of space and peace in their lives, a way to settle the hamster wheel of their mind and to feel content in mind and body. Perhaps a difficult life event has left them feeling knocked for six, or past events continue to present challenges, or maybe “something” is missing, fading away gradually over time leaving them feeling lacking in direction, agency and self-worth.

I have trained extensively in trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness meditation for mental health recovery, and bake the latest clinical research into every programme I develop. Over my practice to date, I have developed community programmes for carers and survivors of trauma, supported both individual clients and groups in their growth from anxiety and depression, and created courses for teaching staff, medics and professionals close to burnout. 

A personalised 1-to-1 programme creates the private and discreet space you need to heal in your own time on your terms. I would love to help you do so and find a simpler, calmer and happier life. 


Practice & coaching completely tailored to you


Safe, supported recovery & growth for your mental health


Privacy to develop your practice on your terms


Your choice of location - in person or online

How does it work?

Where are the sessions?

We can either practice in-person in a socially-distanced studio space or a private outdoor space (Oxfordshire-based) or online via Zoom or similar platform. It is completely up to you, depending on your location, personal preference and availability.  

How long are the sessions?

Sessions last 75 minutes and your personalised programme is designed over a pack of 8 sessions for the best opportunity for a transformative experience. You can choose to hold these sessions as often as you like – most practice once or twice a week. We can also work on an ongoing basis (for example, a regular weekly slot) so let me know if this would work better for you. 


What do the sessions consist of?

This will depend in part on your personal needs for your practice, and we’ll spend a bit of time before the first session getting to know each other over phone or email to ensure the programme is just right for you. We will explore a blend of mindfulness meditation and yoga practice to promote growth and recovery on both a somatic and cognitive level. A typical session might begin with a period of meditation and breathwork (pranayama). We then move into a practice of physical postures (asanas), seated or standing and fully adapted to your body. We then might finish with guided relaxation and a gratitude practice. 

How do I get started?

Start by booking a call at the button below at a time to suit you. We can chat on the phone or face to face over Zoom if you prefer. 

If after our chat we both feel it’s a good fit to work together, then I’ll send you over an invoice, T&Cs to sign and a calendar link to book in your first session. 

Then I’ll set to work designing your personal programme (and planning a location for us if in-person is your preference). 

If, after the first session, you are in any way unhappy, I am more than happy to refund the remaining programme fee, no questions asked. 


75-min single class: £65 

4-session programme: £250

8-session programme (recommended): £500

“Just a small note to say a BIG thank you for all the listening, supporting and encouraging. You are the most thoughtful person I have ever met. Never lose your sparkle or your beautiful view on life... it is a gift. You always go above and beyond. Thank you so much for all you've done. Your kindness will stay with me always.”

– Previous client recovering from trauma

The No More Shoulds Access Promise: every 3 private programmes booked gifts 1 pro bono private programme for someone on low income in desperate need, through referral from Oxfordshire Mind.