I'd love to help you bring calm & comfort that lasts to your students and staff

Together, let’s build a wellbeing plan that works and lasts for long-term results.

Services include

  • One-off staff trainings
  • Ongoing senior team mentorship
  • Student yoga & mindfulness workshops
  • Course & material design for wellbeing


  • A bespoke combination of all the above

Mental health is one of the biggest challenges facing our education system, exacerbated further by the unknown effects of the pandemic. I am passionate about helping you smooth the journey through school for all ages to plant the seeds of wellbeing and self-care at this formative time in their lives. 

Before training in wellbeing practices, I spent the first chapter of my career working and studying in education provision and design, designing classroom materials and assessment tools for global publication. I worked with schools internationally to design assessment strategies that would be as fair and gentle as possible for the students, and trained teachers globally and 1-to-1 on how to integrate them seamlessly in their school not by selling a one size fits all solution, but by helping them understand and design a bespoke plan that would work for them. This unique combination of first-hand understanding of the challenges of education and assessment, with certified training in wellbeing practices, allows me to now do exactly the same to help bring a sustainable and lasting wellbeing plan into schools. 

Rather than ongoing costs of regular classes, I provide a bespoke to service to help you work out and implement a wellbeing strategy for your school, and help you get it embedded for lasting long-term results. From staff presentations to classes to ongoing consultancy with senior teams, I’d love to find out how I can help you find calm and resilience in your institution on your terms.


After a period of time teaching English to teens and young learners in Spain, for over a decade I then worked for a global educational publisher, developing course materials and assessment tools for both young learners and adults. During this time, I worked on assessment strategy with education institutions worldwide to ensure a fair and kind assessment experience for their students. I hold an MA Hons in Languages from Oxford University and a Master’s Degree in Language Assessment from Lancaster University, specialising in assuring fair measurement of young learners using global assessment frameworks.

I am currently studying Yoga Therapy for Children and Young People with Janine Hurley and Dr Lucy Arnsby-Wilson. 

I regularly deliver on-site, in-class and online mindfulness and yoga training for teachers, teens and young learners both locally and globally. Most recently, I have acted as the face of Pearson’s Experiences in Mindfulness campaign, developing bespoke resources to help school leaders and teachers bring mindfulness to the classroom in an accessible and sustainable way.

“[Amy] was extremely engaging by initially getting all the viewers to take part in a mindfulness activity, and then the evidence which she presented with regards to the neural changes which take place once children begin to practice mindfulness on a regular basis will now enable me to convince both my teachers and parents about the benefits of practising this on a regular basis.”

British Council Partner School Leader

“Amy worked with us to help introduce the concept of mindfulness and ideas for mindfulness practice to teachers working in international schools globally through a series of blog posts and a webinar. She is very effective at demystifying mindfulness and challenging pre-conceptions teachers might have about introducing the practice in schools. In her work, she uses a rare combination of academic rigour, direct educational experience and a real connection and empathy, which makes her a very credible and relatable presenter and teacher.”

Product Marketing Manager - International Schools, Pearson

“Thank you so much for visiting us – I have had so many comments from pupils about how much they enjoyed the sessions. I appreciate that they can be a lively year group, so thank you for your patience and adaptability!”

WIT / PSHE Lead - Cokethorpe School

“I’m in Year 1, so the classroom environment is often loud and frenetic. We have been using your techniques in ‘focus time’ periods, after playtime, for instance, to get the children settled and ready for learning. […] Taking the opportunity to close their eyes and notice their breathing seems such a simple thing, but has huge benefits in developing their listening skills and empathy to others. The children look forward to [the sessions] and are able to articulate their feelings and opinions more clearly after the chance to stop and take note.”

PSHE Lead & Yr 1 teacher 
St Christopher’s Primary, Oxford