What if life could just feel simple for a change? What if your mind could just feel steady and still for a little bit? What if that stillness could last forever, without retreating to a mountain top?

This is mindfulness the ‘No More Shoulds’ way, for real life, where the only thing that matters is finding a practice that feels so good for you that you want to keep it up. Simple as that.

Together with a small, supportive group, but from the comfort of home,  we will explore the essence of mindfulness – not the ‘shoulds’ of how it should be practised – to create and embed a personalised set of habits, for lasting calm, peace and simplicity.

No dogma, no prescription, simply choice. 

The thing that no-one ever seems to tell you about mindfulness practice is that even a little bit is enough. Research has found that even a few minutes of practice a day is sufficient to make a huge difference to your levels of stress and anxiety and to boost mood. So our focus is on providing a menu of mindfulness options and techniques, from meditation to yoga to walking and more, so you can choose what really works for you. We work together through the habit-building phase, through the ‘eek I only tried it once’ phase, the ‘I was doing so well and then…’ phase, to really bake a wellbeing practice into your daily life, to the extent that you won’t remember life without the calm and headspace it brings. 

Space and peace in your mind

This isn’t a one-off show. We are here to play the long game, together. Research shows that after 8 weeks regular practice, the brain fundamentally changes structure, reducing stress, anxiety and depression, to help you navigate life with greater calm, clarity and peace. 

Find what really works for you

We take a trauma-sensitive mindfulness approach as standard, promoting trust in your own choices and what feels right for your body and mind, whilst also providing a supportive, discreet and safe space in which to learn and grow

We'll make it stick

I have practised with a lot of wonderful mindfulness apps, but none gave me the accountability and support of learning with a group. The amazing energy of a group community during a longer course like this holds you accountable to sail through that tricky habit-building phase and into the ‘what did I ever do without it?’ phase of the rest of your life. 

Amy is a truly excellent teacher and guide. The course helped me take control when I’m being overwhelmed by my feelings and to take the story out of situations.

I now feel so much calmer and more patient.”   


This was a fantastic introduction to mindfulness and meditation techniques. I really felt that Amy established a safe environment for each member of the course to explore their own journey and I very much appreciated this personal approach. Since the course, I have felt calmer in stressful situations and realised the importance of finding that ‘pause’ button to gain space from reactive thoughts. I’ve been recommending it to lots of friends!


“Amy is a wonderful teacher, who very quickly puts you at your ease and makes you feel relaxed and safe in your surroundings. I have learnt so much about myself during the course, as well as the need to be kinder to myself  – something which I will forever be grateful for. Thank you so much! ” 


You will learn: 


To focus & concentrate the mind


To be aware of your thoughts, feelings & body


To accept what is, rather than striving to change


To observe thoughts objectively with curosity


To identify strength & patience to sit with challenge

What’s included?


8 x 90 minute face-to-face group coaching sessions over Zoom (recordings of which are available for life after the course)


Lifetime access to session recordings, a full library of guided meditations, course handbook & online journal


A personalised action plan to turn education into transformation for life


Access to your private Facebook group to support you, nurture you & help you develop your practice your way.

When, Where, How much?

Face-to-face on Zoom

Access via your own course portal

Live sessions held

Tuesdays 10am til 11:30am

Recordings available to catch-up missed sessions within an hour of finishing. 



TUES 20th OCT 2020

£250 course investment

Payment plan available PLUS two sponsored referral places for low income students via Oxfordshire Mind.

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