It was the best decision I’ve made in a long time.

I now attend 4 or 5 classes a week and I love it!

I’ve never felt more relaxed…

Amy genuinely understands and reaches each individual at their own pace, in their own space.

I began the classes as a new year resolution, thinking I’d probably give it a month. I’m still there!

“I love that you can participate from the snuggly comfort of your own home.

“Amy is so open and gentle and encouraging, and her voice is so soothing that her classes are proper balms for the soul.

“I love being able to practise at home. No childcare worries, no travel. I feel so calm and relaxed and can float straight into bed.

“The familiarity, the routine and the lovely community have helped me so much…

“I can notice myself getting stronger and more flexible, but most importantly, calm.

Find a bit of peace.

Find your team. 

Live & on-demand online yoga & mindfulness classes from the comfort of home (now featuring pregnancy yoga & somatics too*)

Build a regular & committed yoga practice, on your terms.

Be part of the loveliest team (everyone is just so nice!)

When you buy a membership, we give one free to someone in need through Oxfordshire Mind.

Home practice doesn’t have to mean alone practice. Amy’s Yoga Club is a home practice yoga & mindfulness club with real faces, regular weekly classes and real community. If you’ve ever found it difficult to access a yoga class or stick to your practice once you have, then you’ve found your home here. It’s not just yoga classes – it’s support, community and friendship. 

The focus is on simply showing up, however you’re feeling that day, and feeling calmer and at peace because of it. Beginners and long-term yogis, mobile and less mobile alike – everyone has a place in this club. Learn more about the No More Shoulds approach.

All of this for just £24.99 per month – cancel any time. What’s more EVERY MEMBERSHIP directly provides a membership for someone in need, by referral through Oxfordshire Mind.

*pregnancy & somatics currently on-demand   

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  • Unlimited live & on-demand online yoga & mindfulness classes every week (that’s ave. 40 classes a month for the price of 2 studio classes elsewhere) 
  • Anytime access to all previous classes to do in your own time
  • Private support community on Facebook
  • Downloadable mood tracker & practice journal to keep your mental health on track
  • Access to regular 1-to-1 support with Amy and the team to build your yoga & mindfulness routine on your terms. 

Join as many classes as you like, live via Zoom in the company of fellow yogis, or catch up later at a time that suits you. It’s totally your choice!

All classes are more than suitable for beginners and longer-term yogis alike, with options to find the practice you need to suit where you are that day. 

Monday 8am WAKE UP & WRITE with Sarah (Facebook Live)

Join the gorgeous Sarah Leyla Puello for a half-hour intention and balance-setting journalling & gentle movement session for your week ahead. 

Monday 8pm FLOW YOGA FOR ALL with Susie

Gorgeous evening flow class for all bodies and minds. The great way to stretch and move the day away. 

Wednesday 8pm FLOW YOGA FOR ALL with Francesca

Gorgeous evening flow class for all bodies and minds. The great way to stretch and move the day away. Sequence varies from Monday class so feel free to come to both!


Such a lovely way to practise your mindfulness meditation in supportive company, whilst also gently strengthening and releasing tight muscles for your sitting practice. 

Saturday 9-10am YOGA & BREATH TO CALM ANXIETY with Amy

A gorgeous morning class with breath and posture flow designed to calm the nervous system, rest the body and let go of the week. This evidence-based programme works specially on re-balancing the two branches of the autonomic nervous system (fight or flight and rest & digest) and activating the calming vagus nerve, promoting gentle strength, resilience and calm. 

Sunday 8pm REST & RESTORE YOGA with Amy

Find all your cushions and bolsters and blankets and snuggle down for this beautifully restful class – it’s just so yummy. A gentle floor-based yoga flow followed by supported held poses and a long relaxation to soften any remaining tension away for a lovely night’s sleep. 

Our on-demand library includes loads of the above PLUS:

– Wake-up yoga – with Amy and Hannah

– Pregnancy yoga with Amy

– Somatics with Francesca Melluzzi

– Forrest Yoga with Sarah Leyla



Yoga for us in Amy’s Yoga Club is about showing up and supporting your mental health, whether you do this on your head, on a chair or on your feet. I have learned that a quiet mind is much less a goal to be strived for, than the inevitable, beautiful product of just showing up on the mat, letting go of expectations and seeing what flows. With a specialism in yoga for mental health, all our teaching takes a somatic, trauma-informed approach as standard, so you will be safe, supported and at home whatever your past.

Find out more about our lovely little Amy’s Yoga Club team here. 


  • Amy’s Yoga Club is a subscription-based monthly membership to help you find lasting peace, in body and mind. 
  • 2 weeks free, then £24.99 per month – no ties, cancel anytime. (If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please get in touch about access)
  • As soon as you sign up, we give a free membership to Oxfordshire Mind to refer someone in need. To access this for you or a friend/family member, please email

How do I access the online classes? 

Live online classes are held on Zoom for face-to-face classes. You simply need to head to your Amy’s Yoga Club private dashboard (, log in, and then click on the link next to the session you wish to do and it will take you straight there.

How do I access the recorded classes? 

All classes are stored on a bespoke and searchable class video library accessible directly from your private Amy’s Yoga Club dashboard.

But I don’t want everyone to see my washing in the background? Or me in my PJs?

That’s ok. Us either. We spend a fair amount of time clearing up mugs and shoving toys under the sofa before each class. You can choose whether to have your camera on or off for the live classes, or you could explore ‘virtual backgrounds’ too on Zoom and join us from the Caribbean! Google ‘Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom’ for useful how-tos.

What kit do I need? I don’t have all the fancy stuff yoga people have on Instagram…

We keep things super simple with whatever you have around the house already. A yoga mat is super helpful, but if all you have is a non-slip surface that is fine! Pop a towel under your knees to keep them comfy and go for it.

I’m not bendy enough…

They say that yoga isn’t about touching your toes. It’s about what you learn on the way down. Someone also once told me that being too un-bendy for yoga is like being too dirty for a shower. Amy’s Yoga Club is for every body and every mind, however you look or feel that day. Simply come along and have a go. There is also access to 1-to-1 support for specific modifications via the Facebook group so we can work together to make your practice as comfortable as possible.

Will my membership roll on automatically?

Yes. After your free trial, your first payment will be taken for the next month. You are never locked in, and can cancel or even just pause your subscription at any time via the ‘My Account’ page on the website. Every membership directly supports one free membership for a referral from Oxfordshire Mind, our charity partner.

What can I expect from my first class? 

Each class is slightly different, and all our teachers have their own unique but supportive style. You can read about the style of each session in the ‘Classes’ tab above. We start every class though with a little hello on Zoom, and then come to sit, kneel or even lie down for some breathwork to calm and centre. Then we move into practising a flowing sequence of yoga postures, all with options so you can practice on your terms. The level of energy in the class varies depending on whether it is a slow, restful class or one designed to create a bit of energy. The classes are led standing, but with seated and supported options provided as needed. We finish with relaxation, usually lying on the floor. This is where the blanket comes in handy.

See you there!