No More Shoulds is a social enterprise dedicated to simplifying access to yoga & mindfulness for better mental health.  Your choice, your terms, your mental health.


Hello! I’m Amy, founder of No More Shoulds. I’m so delighted you’ve stopped by. Having lived with depression and anxiety since my late teens, only yoga and mindfulness gave me any lasting sense of relief, space and calm. After several years of training, I changed my whole career to set up No More Shoulds and help others find peace too, regardless of body or mind. 

When I started practising, I found it hard to find my way through finding a class, knowing what kind of class I should join, what was going to help me feel better and why. I didn’t understand the names of the postures, I didn’t know the what mindfulness even was or how I could get started. I didn’t have hundreds to spend on kit or the confidence to just walk into a yoga class. I founded No More Shoulds to change that. 

Whether it’s finances, location, ideology, language or fear in the way, at No More Shoulds, I remove those barriers so you find what works for you, on your terms, for better and lasting mental health. 

So welcome! Come and join me to find out for yourself…


Amy Malloy

Founder , No More Shoulds

What if life could just feel simple for a change? What if your mind could just feel steady and still for a little bit? What if that stillness could last forever, without retreating to a mountain top?

This is mindfulness the ‘No More Shoulds’ way, for real life, where the only thing that matters is finding a practice that feels so good for you that you want to keep it up. Simple as that.

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No More Shoulds yoga club

Home practice doesn’t have to mean alone practice. Amy’s Yoga Club is a home practice yoga & mindfulness club with real faces, daily classes and real community. It’s not just yoga classes – it’s support, community and friendship. 

The focus is on simply showing up, however you’re feeling that day, and feeling calmer and at peace because of it. Beginners and long-term yogis, mobile and less mobile alike – everyone has a place in this club.

 Personalised 1-to-1 yoga & mindfulness sessions in your own choice of space, to support your recovery from anxiety, stress or trauma. Together, we will safely explore tools to grow yourself again from the ground up, re-building self-confidence, self-trust and self-worth. A personalised 1-to-1 programme creates the private and discreet space you need to heal in your own time on your terms. I would love to help you do so and find a simpler, calmer and happier life. 

The No More Shoulds approach

No expectations

The essence of ‘No More Shoulds’. You won’t hear ‘you should’ anything in our classes (unless it’s to keep you physically safe!). We don’t adhere to any specific dogma or tradition or ‘how yoga and mindfulness should look’. Rather we look at the true essence of each practice. We explain a range of philosophical, physical & linguistic options to help you find what makes sense for you on any given day. Through this, we can build self-esteem and deeper trust in our choices. 

Open to all languages

Spiritual, secular, philosophy, science – I speak them all. Every class offers different ways of describing experience so you can find the most comfortable fit for you. Classes are led in English, but I speak French & Spanish, and am a trained English as Second Language teacher to ensure class instruction is as clear as possible.

Accessible & inclusive

Every body and every mind is warmly welcome. We not only include, we actively work together to find what works to make you feel at ease. This may be using different poses or props or language – or maybe even a different way of accessing the class itself. We take a trauma-informed approach as standard.  

Financially accessible

 Club membership and course prices are positioned at the lower end of the membership spectrum to make it more possible for you to keep up your practice month after month. For those experiencing financial difficulty, there is a no-questions-asked pay-what-you-can-afford option. We also work directly with local mental health charities to accept anonymous referrals from vulnerable and low income individuals. For every single  membership bought, No More Shoulds provides a free referral membership.

What People Are Saying

“Amy is a wonderful teacher, who very quickly puts you at your ease and makes you feel relaxed and safe in your surroundings. “






Student, Mindfulness training

Excellent yoga and mindfulness classes and courses both face to face and virtually. Amy is incredibly knowledgeable, adaptable and kind in her practice. Would highly recommend!.”





Member of Amy's Yoga Club

Amy is very effective at demystifying mindfulness and challenging pre-conceptions teachers might have about introducing the practice in schools. In her work, she uses a rare combination of academic rigour, direct educational experience and a real connection and empathy, which makes her a very credible and relatable presenter and teacher.


Senior Marketing Manager, Pearson International Schools

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